PWO Cookie Sandwiches

As mentioned earlier, I eat the same thing for lunch and dinner Monday-Friday. I’m not completely predictable though! I like to have some fun with my Post Workout Meal (PWO). I usually go for something dessert-esq at this time, just because I have a terrible sweet tooth. It helps to get out the door to the gym & hustle through my workout knowing that there is a delicious treat in it for me at the end.

This week’s PWO meal of choice: Cookie Sandwiches! 5 days, 5 cookie/icing combination – all completely clean of course! I will post all of my trials, successes and failures. I am no food waster, the result has got to be pretty bad for me not to eat it, but I’ll let you know what works!

Vote for your favorite here & don’t be shy about suggesting combinations to try:


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