Running the Rainbow


I signed up for a colour run next month… I do not run, in fact I hate running. But I was pressured and I committed, so guess I am running. It is only 4km, but I’m sure it will be 4km of pure torture! The event is on August 24th, so I have 1 month to prepare. It’s so hard to fit running into my workout schedule, my legs are so from leg day, and as soon as they’re un-sore it’s leg day again. I do run during my HIIT, but that is mainly sprint-jog, so who knows I may surprise myself!

Looking at this picture does make it look like a lot of fun! What if it gets in your mouth though? In your lungs? In your eyes? I want the paint to stay in my shirt, but not my skin. Also, I am not driving my car to this event, I will paint up someone else’s interior. Logistics – this is how my brain works.

This is the race I signed up for:
It is my local knock-off of this:


2 Comments on “Running the Rainbow

  1. Hi Robyn, I’m Jordan from the Waterloo Running Series. I’m sorry you felt pressured to join the event, but I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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