Birthday Weekend Treats


My parents had me over for a birthday dinner this weekend. We had chinese/thai food for dinner, and then my mom made me this lovely chocolate cake! It was so dense and moist almost like a brownie, the picture on the right is definitely my second piece – YUM! Although this cake was gluten free, it was not sugar free. My lovely mother did sub in some coconut oil instead of butter for me though.

Other birthday treats included chocolate covered strawberries and bananas from Edible Arrangements sent to me at my office from Kelsi! I ate some post workout with chocolate peanut butter protein greek yogurt. The right was a sad attempt at birthday cake pancakes… While I was working hard trying to create some coconut milk “fluff”, I slightly burnt my pancakes – boo! Still edible though, sprinkles fix everything. As you can see, my fluff has zero FLUFF to it. I will try again though, and I will master you fluff!

Werk It!

On my actual birthday (August 1st), you bet I hiIt the gym for leg day! When I was half way through my workout, 3 sets into my box jumps (4 sets of 8) a guy approached me… He said, “I see that you are doing the same box jumps as my friends over here but you have better efficiency and form. How would you feel about having a competition?” Of course I said yes! Nothing like a little healthy competition to kick your butt in the gym. I went head-to-head against a guy on their ‘team’ to perform as many max height box jumps in 3 minutes. After 1 wipe out each, I came out the champion with 50 jumps completed, beating his 43. Woo hoo! I loved it, I had no idea I would be able to do 50 consecutively! It was a great little push at the gym, and got my heart rate way up there. I powered through the rest of my leg workout, and went home a champion – happy birthday to me! (By the way, this was the best pick up attempt I’ve seen at the gym thus far. No creepy comments or mirror stares, just some motivation and positive encouragement.) birthdaytreats



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