Shake & Bake Baby!

I tried out my first recipe from my new cook book Beyond Bacon. I have literally never cooked a pork chop, because my only memory of them are the super dried out tasteless chops that my mom cooked only a handful of times through out my life (sorry to put you on blast Momma!) My friend Kelsi (who got me this book) guaranteed me that they had the potential to be great – so I attempted Shake & Bake Pork Chops! I’ve never really had REAL shake and bake, so I can’t do the best comparisson, but I enjoyed this low-carb breaded chop all the same.
If you’re not first, you’re last!
I picked up just one pork chop at the market, ahem, dinner alone for this girl… This odd little plate is what I like to call “use up everything in the fridge before it goes bad.” Putting my sliced chop on a bed of garlic broccoli with sauteed mushrooms gave it sort of an asian looking flair. Not the typical home-style breaded chicken comfort food I think this recipe is made for. Good dinner nonetheless. It is so rare that I get to eat anything breaded, this felt like a treat, even though it was completely healthy. Love when that happens!

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