21DSD – Day 1

So first off, I’ll admit this isn’t technically day 1 for me… I was basically eating sugar free during my two week trip to BC. This is day one of following the 21DSD Meal Plan! So if I don’t seem to be going through the usual struggles – that may be why. The 21DSD has three different levels, depending on your current diet. I decided to go with level 3 because, well… go big or go home! Also, I was already basically grain & dairy free. You can find all of the meal plans and recipes in the book 21-Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings, or a Diane has a lot of recipes on her site Balanced Bites, scroll down to 21 Day Sugar Detox Approved Recipes. 

Meal 1 – Day 1 was a little labour intensive, especially since I wait to eat until after I bust my butt at the gym in the morning. Luckily I pre cooked the chicken boobies the night before. I was very satisfied with this meal, and the muffins were mega tasty! Honestly way better than I thought they were going to be. Check out my super cute silicone baking cups – so handy! A tea party caveman style. 


I am running on west coast time still, so woke up a little later, went to the gym a little later (fasted), and then made this extravagant (yes, for me) breakfast. So it ended up being brunch. I was satisfied until dinner time, with only a little snack of Kombucha and Savi Seeds (6g of Omega-3 + 9g of Protein = great snack!)

Meal 2 – Day 1 was a nightmare. I never grew up eating fish. I had a fried up piece of haddock drowning in glorious deep friend batter maybe twice during my childhood. Other than that, nada! Since becoming a mature young adult (you best believe it!) I have grown a taste for the sea creatures. I enjoy ordering seafood at restaurants, but still fear making my own. I dabbled in a little frozen fish, and canned tuna, but this was my first experience with canned salmon.

Seriously. This can should come with a warning! There were freakin’ bones in there!! Teeny tiny ones, that I had to anally go through and pick out one by one. I should have got a picture of my hands. Those tiny bend bones… Are you supposed to eat those?! The recipe said nothing about them. Can you buy canned salmon without these little buggers? Plus the skin! My lawwwd. I fear for the can of sardines in my cupboard… This surly can’t be how you’re supposed to do it. If anyone has any suggestions – feel free to pass them right along! 


All said and done, I survived. Snapping tiny creature bones will haunt my dreams (a very real fear of mine), but for now… I enjoy a tasty little salmon salad. For this recipe I had to make my own mayonnaise to avoid the canola oil laden white stuff that is available in the grocery store. The recipe called for macadamia nut oil. Apparently everybody was making their own mayo, since Whole Foods was completely sold out. (P.S. I have also heard that macadamia nut oil is good for your skin – 2 in 1 mayo face mask anyone?) I made due with coconut oil. I think this was a mistake. The damn stuff congealed when I set it in the fridge for a minute. I don’t think anyone would mistake my lumpy, yellowing semi solid for mayo. Better luck next time! And the final result:


Some Salmon Salad Tacos. I drowned them in extra lemon juice because a taco just isn’t a taco unless something is running down the side of your hand and wrist. (Shh, they are nothing even close to tacos, but a girl can dream mkay?!)

I am really liking that these recipes suggest making enough for left overs. I don’t often have leftovers, and it is a nice change to not have to whip something up from scratch at every meal. Who woulda thunk? All in all, I would say day 1 was a success! Sugar’s got nothin’ on this girl. 


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