21DSD – Day 2

Day 2 – I am most definitely a morning person, which I feel is rare, at least for someone my age. I cannot sleep in, but I also have trouble staying up late. Unless of course something super fun is going on – then count me in! Upon waking up in the morning, I like to immediately hit the gym. This means no time is spent procrastinating, or finding excused not to go. Get out the door before you even wake up and realize what’s going on! I don’t eat before I workout because I like to train in a fasted state. Having not eaten since 7-ish the night before, my body is in prime fat burning mode, and going for a workout accelerates that fat burning. Here is an article about Intermittent Fasting by www.leangains.com. Personally, I feel way better training fasted as opposed to fed, but the BCAAs are key!

After I get home from my workout, I have some baked (last night) sweet potato with butter – SO GOOD! Then I make myself some breakfast. I love having the leftovers available for breakfast – so convenient! Today was a lot of leftovers, until this masterpiece of a dinner I made below. But first… 



Ok, is it just me or is this jar dumb? How are you supposed to get these suckers out without dumping all the juice out as well? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, when I got to the cash I though these capers had gone bad. Lots of funky looking white stuff on them, but they were all like that. SO, hopefully that is normal, because I bought and ate them. 


A messy kitchen is not something you often see around this household… The sight of this gives me anxiety! My kitchen essentials: handy-dandy iPad for recipe reference, tinfoil makes clean up a breeze, silicone oven mitt, and of course tea towels to wave down the smoke detector way too often. P.S. Check out my bag o’ bones (Game of Thrones anyones?!) lurking in the corner. Dealing with those babies tomorrow. 

The finished result was a beautiful little platter! Broiled salmon with olive and caper tapenade, garlic lemon steamed spinach, cherry tomatoes, and sauerkraut. I can count on one hand the number of times I have cooked salmon, and this is the first time I have tried broiling it. I must say, pretty damn delicious! I loved the lemon juice & zest.



Todays highlights include: 1. My mother making Practical Paleo’s Blueberry Lemon Muffins… the real treat was, she LOVED them! Woo hoo! She will come around to this paleo idea in no time. I did not get to try one sadly, because there was a bit of “grade B” maple syrup. Which apparently just means the real stuff, but grade b does not make it sound good. 2. I bought my first slow cooker. It has a timer, oh la la! 3. Discovery of the deliciousness of unflavoured BCAAs. 4. Got a wicked custom made table for my ‘home office’ from my parents, at which I am currently typing. Now, onto day 3…


3 Comments on “21DSD – Day 2

  1. The muffins are frozen so you might get one after the 21 day thing is done!

    Love mom

    Sent from my iPad


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