21DSD – Day 3

Day 3 – I had the day off today, but still managed to get to the gym by 8 – not on purpose. Killed some legs and booty, here is my workout:

5 min. bike warm up + hip mobility stretches
Narrow Squats on the Smith machine (3×10)
Reverse Hack Sqaut – all the way to the bottom! (3×8)
Single leg, leg press… legs. (3×8)
Leg Extensions (10 toes in, 10 toes out x3)
Weighted step ups – high! (5 each leg alternating, and then 5 no weight x3)
Barbell walking lunges (20×3)
Walk it off for 10! & stretch.

After my post workout sweet tater, it was some leisurely meal making for breakfast. Following my meal plan (with some swap outs) it was time for some Green Apple Turkey Breakfast Sausages. I think this sugar detox may be working because those apples tasted mighty sweet in my little patties. De-lish!


Mmmm I loved the semi-crispy outsides! This will be a repeat recipe for sure. So simple. I figured out with the second batch that it is best to cook the first side with a lid on though, helps them get cooked through the middle faster. I was happy to just chop up (and not peel) some carrots as a side. #nomorebabycarrotsmeatapplepatty 

For lunch I had some left over salmon. Yuck. That stuff does not reheat well. I still ate it of course. This afternoon I took my parent’s dog for a walk and forgot the poop bags. Where does this guy decide to do his doo? In the drive way of the only guy that is out on the street checking his mail. Wonderful. I had to run back to my car and scrounge for some scrap of plastic to scoop that poop. In the end, my mitten was contaminated and subsequently burned.


Meet Bronson. I was a bad sister and forgot to fully dress him. He was missing his purple parka and BOOTS. I didn’t know he even owned boots. He seemed to have survived, and i’d have to say he pranced a little prouder without all that feminine swag. 

On to dinner… Can we please have a moment of silence for how beautiful beets are?! Before they’re cut up their quite hideous, but underneath they have such a beautiful design of rich reds. I’m going to put a beet wall in my house.


With the plethora of spices I have overflowing my cupboard, I still seemed to be missing all of the ones required for this dish. Apparently I only buy the obscure spices… Instead of the suggested blend I used garam masala which I think paired wonderfully with these Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs. My fear of bones is coming to an end after these sexy thighs… My god, so moist and delicious! What was I doing living off of dried out chicken boobies?! They take a while to cook, but I have found that without all of this sugar in my system I’m not getting as hangry (hunger+ angry), because my blood sugar is not crashing! It’s a great feeling. I can actually patiently wait for dinner to be done without snacking the whole time leaving no room for the actual meal. Day 3… I’ve seen the light!



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