Double Unders

I have made it my mission to master the double under. Let it be known I am not the best skipper to begin with, so I somewhat expected to be covered in whip marks. For anyone who is unfamiliar, a double under is when the rope rotates twice per jump, fast hands! As I struggle to get one DU under my belt, a girl directly behind me in the fitness studio whips out 59 consecutive no problem. I turned and gawked with my jaw on the ground I’m sure. She had no tips for me except, “it’s like riding a bike, once you get it, you have it for life.” She was nice (or cruel – still indecided) enough to lend me her wire weapon of skipping rope. Seriously this thing is scary! (Anyone seen The Counselor? That wire strangling weapon is all I could think of…. Death by skipping rope). Anyways, though I did get some violent whips with the welts to prove it, I landed 5 consecutive! #gettingthere


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