21DSD – Week 1

Week 1 of my 21 Day Sugar Detox was a success! Overall I have felt a huge improvement in my energy level, which was my main goal to begin with. I usually hit a wall mid-afternoon in the office, always looking for a 3pm pick me up of coffee, tea or treat. This week I have actually had abundant energy. Dare I say, too much for the office! I am finding it hard to stay sitting at my desk. I will have to talk to HR about getting one of those treadmill desks. I foresee some liability issues, but I will argue that it can’t be worse than the long term effects of sitting all day has on our health. They won’t care. At the very least, I would go for an exercise ball chair. Bounce my way through the afternoon energy rush. ANYWAYS – here are some of my accomplishments(ish) from the week:

Asian Meatballs & Slaw

I was smart (one day this week) and pre-made my dinner for the following night. I had more important things to do, like puppy smothering! So I had no time for stove slavin’. I was very excited for this meal because it had an asian flair. I love me some asian food, but I have no idea how to recreate the flavours on my own.

Side Note: In the 21 Day Sugar Detox book, Diane outlines some suggestions for eating out at restaurants. For Italian, Mexican, Indian and basically any other option she has a ‘Avoid This’ and ‘Enjoy This’ section. That is, except for Chinese, which is just one big AVOID. Boo – sneaky Chinese food, hiding sugar in my beloved entrees. I’m coming for you when this detox is over! 


VOILA – Asian Slaw & Lamb Meatballs. LAMB. I have a bias toward this meat… My Dad has had a sheep farm for my entire life. And although I didn’t spend much time with them because, well, they stink. They were always in plain view from my back window, or out on the grass being all natural lawn mowers. They are very cute (from a distance) especially those frolicking, hoppy babies! I was never fed lamb growing up though because my Dad personally does not like the taste. The most I have ever had are bites off of friend’s and coworker’s plates at restaurants. I have a tiny coworker who likes to order the largest dish on the menu, a caveman style lamb shank, osso bucco. So needless to say, creating and eating this dish was an experience for me!

Honestly, the lamb was not my favourite. The smell right out of the oven got me, as well as the greasiness. That’s not to say I didn’t eat it (I did.) or that I won’t try it again (I will.) I’m sure it will grow on me. I can force myself to eat (almost) anything in the name of health. Maybe the taste will grow on me? I mean I thought wine was gross when I first started drinking it… silly me!


– – –

Shepherd’s Pie

This next dish would make my mother proud. I would say this is a classic of hers. (Right behind frozen chicken fingers! Love ya Mom x). It is Sheperd’s Pie with a paleo twist. Instead of mashed potatoes that top is mashed cauliflower (PRETEND TO BE SURPRISED FOR ME!) Common, it looks pretty legit does it not?! I loved this dish. I also think it would freeze well. If I could have saved some leftovers I would have tried. The meat portion had the veggies cooked and mixed right in there, but more importantly, it had bacon. Enough said.


Side Note: Mashed cauliflower just became a whole lot easier with the purchase of real steamer basket (not the bamboo tower I was using previously) and my best kitchen purchase, the food processor. Seriously, I put off buying one for so long because what can it do that my blender can’t? The answer is everything, and better! It puts my blender to shame, and saves my entire kitchen from falling victim to a cauliflower tornado aftermath. 


– – –

Pad Thai

Amongst the recipes I made this week was the “Shrimp Pad Thai” that looks nothing like pad thai… I have a noodle spirilizer that makes my noodles look like that (below) instead of like this. It is what it is, and I could not figure out how to turn my squash into long noodles, so I ended up with this fish flake looking substance. I don’t know if this would satisfy my craving for the dish, but it was still delicious! Feed me some fish flakes.

Side Note: I have a fairly serious addiction to nut butters. This recipe called for almond butter, which I usually cannot keep within reach of my double dipped spoon straight to mouth wielding hand. It was a struggle. I barely saved enough to make this recipe. I have learned to buy from bulk barn, where I can get only as much as I need in hopes of keeping myself away from the crack like substance that is nut butter. Is there a Nut Butters Anonymous meeting I can go to?



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