My name is Robyn, and I am a health & fitness fanatic. I once had had someone ask me, where does your mind wander to when you day dream? That is where your passion lies. I am truly passionate about all things health and fitness, and my eyes light up when I find anyone the same way.

All that said, I do have a day job! I work full time as a sales rep for a Lingerie company out of Canada. I am constantly traveling all over the west coast of North America hustlin’ pantys & pretty things. This keeps me very busy, and can be a challenge some times to stay on track… but I like a challenge! I am 3000 miles from home every month for 1-2 weeks. I visit my customers & attend tradeshows. It is a lot of fun, it allows me to travel and I get to spread the sexiness. I love my job!

I love learning new things and the health and fitness world always has something new for me. I find that I learn best by teaching others and writing down the information I read. I wanted to compile it in one place and hopefully help others along the way. So here it is: Squeaky Clean + a touch of Filth. I have always been active and have been in the gym before I was allowed, but it was clean eating that changed everything for me.

Live lean with me.


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